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provides dissertation funding to individuals whose dissertations show potential for bringing fresh and construction perspectives to the history, theory, or practice of formal or informal education anywhere in the world. Applications due early October.

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  Provides dissertation funding for minority students studying anthropology.

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This intensive preparation of the application provides time for multiple revisions, refinements, and feedback so that the application best argues why one’s dissertation deserves funding over the other applicants. Following each school’s established procedures for submitting grants, the final week of grant submission should allow time for careful line editing by the student and a separate individual with editing skills (i.e., writing lab at one’s university, fellow student, etc.). This editing is no longer for substantive content but to ensure proper grammar, writing structure, and clarity in style. Finally, the student is ready to ship the entire grant (and any required copies) with a guarantee overnight service to arrive at funding source on the day of the deadline. Achieving this point is a major accomplishment, regardless of the outcome.

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In order to reach the broadest audience possible, this article does not focus on any specific grant mechanism or reflect the structure of any particular doctoral program. Instead, this article provides an overview of various funding sources and grant mechanisms, strategies for selecting which grants to pursue for dissertation funding, and suggestions for preparing a grant within the context of program milestones. Recommendations for resubmitting a grant and managing rejection are also discussed. The article concludes with strategies a doctoral program may use to enhance its research infrastructure and to help support doctoral students prepare dissertation grants.

Once you identify your needs for dissertation funding, visit the , and limit your search to graduate student awards.
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All Pardee RAND dissertation fellowship awards are designed to catalyze superb policy research on some of the most challenging issues, and are awarded through a competitive process. In 2015-2016 over $360,000 of dissertation funding has been awarded.

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Dissertation funding may be divided into two separate phases: dissertation research and dissertation writing. Typically, a funder will support either research or writing, not both. This page will focus on dissertation research awards; please also visit our page on

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The CLA Grants Team occasionally offers a workshop for graduate students looking for dissertation funding. In this workshop, we cover the basics of finding funding, determining if a grant is right for you, preparing proposals, and overcoming budget and administrative hurdles. A copy of our presentation may be found .