Scott Lauritzen defending his dissertation.

Use to plan a timeline for your dissertation journey:

(from U. of Minnesota)
1: Understanding expectations
2: Identifying your research questions
3: Developing a methodology or methodological framework
4: Surveying literature to position your research in your field
5: Establishing a dissertation committee
6: Writing a dissertation proposal
7: Creating a work plan
8: Creating a dissertation support network
9: Conducting research
10: Conducting a comprehensive literature review
11: Outlining and drafting chapters
12: Taking care of visual details (illustrations, tables, figures, graphics, etc.)
13: Reviewing, revising, and submitting your text for comment and initial approval
14: Creating defense draft and defending dissertation
15: Writing the abstract
16: Finalizing revisions
17: Submitting dissertation
18: Getting closure

James Tucker defending his dissertation.

Research Language before defending Dissertation.

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Dissertation Proposal Defense: Dissertation proposals are evaluated in an oral dissertation proposal defense conducted by the student’s dissertation proposal defense committee. A dissertation proposal defense may only take place after the student has completed at least 48 credits of coursework and had their two field statements approved by the Graduate Faculty. At the defense, students should be prepared to discuss their research proposal, to relate their intended research to wider anthropological scholarship, and to make informed responses to any relevant critiques. The committee may require the student to make further revisions to the proposal, and sometimes even to defend it in another proposal defense. Other faculty may attend the dissertation proposal defense, but the members of the student’s dissertation proposal committee make the final decision on a candidate. Students will be permitted to defend their dissertation proposals no more than twice. If a student fails his or her defense twice, his or her enrollment in the graduate program will be terminated. A student’s second proposal defense shall occur no later than one calendar year after the first.

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– required by Graduate School Deadline; used in the printing of Graduation programs; indicates to Graduate School that student will be defending dissertation.

Students may graduate in May or December based on when they successfully defend their dissertation.
First of all, if you have written a good dissertation, there is no one who knows as much about your topic as you do. You have done more work in your area of interest than anyone else and you have tried to strike out into new territory in order to extend the body of knowledge in your discipline. That ought to give you some confidence, but also some caution and humility. Maybe there is a reason no one has developed the topic quite the way you have. Someone who hopes to defend a dissertation ought to be confident, but humble as well.[…] Congratulations to Scott Lauritzen and James Tucker who successfully defended their dissertations earlier this year at the Moran Eye Center. Scott will be staying with the Marclab for a postdoc while James will be returning to his medical school class to finish out his clinical years. More pics from the dissertation defenses and after party over on Jonesblog. […]
Students may graduate in May or December based on when they successfully defend their dissertation.

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The authors offer a no-nonsense approach to planning your project, conducting research, writing, working with your committee, defending the dissertation, and developing it further. The book includes a number of charts, forms, and checklists to help you along the way. The book seems geared toward the dissertation writer who knows what he or she wants to do, and just needs some solid advice on form, planning, and strategy to move them in the right direction. If you know what you need to do and how you ought to do it, but just can’t seem to get moving, this book might not prove as useful as some of the more “touchy feely” titles on this list.

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But, publication of one’s findings is not a criterion for completing a Ph.D. program. If you feel under pressure to publish at least some of your data before finishing and defending your dissertation, you need to pause and figure out exactly why you feel that pressure. Is your supervisor really the direct source, or does it come from within?

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get ready to overcome one more obstacle – defending a dissertation

On May 30, 2012 I successfully defended my dissertation entitled “Messianic Banquet Imagery in the Synoptic Gospels: An Intertextual Study.” The whole experience was challenging but enjoyable. At the end of the session I was confident that the committee helped to make my dissertation better by questioning me on key arguments and forcing me to sharpen my thoughts. I now am engaged in the processing their recommendations and corrections and hope to submit a final, corrected copy by the end of the month. This has been a long process and I have learned a great deal about the process of writing and defending a dissertation.