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If both the dissertation proposal and its Defence are deemed satisfactory, the DBA participant moves to Phase 2 of the DBA program, devoted to the elaboration of the DBA dissertation.

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Regardless of the nature of the research, the ultimate test of a successful DBA dissertation is whether or not the research adds meaningful advances to the established body of knowledge surrounding the issue and research topic. The expectation is that a DBA dissertations makes some contribution to knowledge and practise, even if modesty should be the rule. Contributions might be diverse such as conceptualizing an issue in a novel manner, collecting new and original data, demonstrating the applicability of an existing model in a new empirical setting, expanding the application of a theory or previous research conclusions in a new domain, or demonstrating boundary conditions to previous knowledge.

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The final dissertation is evaluated by two committee members other than the dissertation advisor. These two committee members must formally authorize the final Defence for the Defence to take place. In the absence of two written Defence authorizations, the candidate will be granted an extra year to raise the quality of the dissertation to expected standards. In the case of a second DBA dissertation evaluation, the absence of two Defence authorizations will lead the candidate to not be granted the possibility to defend the dissertation.

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At or near the completion of the student's course work, but before embarking on the DBA dissertation or research project, the student is required to achieve a passing grade on a formal Comprehensive Examination. In addition, the student is required to recruit a dissertation committee and gain approval for a concept paper describing the purpose and approach envisioned for dissertation research. After completing these requirements, the student will advance to doctoral candidacy.DOC 850 (B): Doctoral Dissertation Project I – Prospectus/Concept Development
Identification of a potential project; analyze and synthesize research on the topic; produce a concept paper for the project to be presented to the DBA Dissertation Committee. (3cr)The DBA dissertation (traditional five chapter or Critical Evaluation Recommendation paper) or culminating research project requires a minimum of 9 semester credit hours for completion. This process involves extensive work by the student with advisement from a dissertation committee. A dissertation or research project proposal must be completed, reviewed, and approved by the student's dissertation committee prior to the beginning of data collection in the area of the research topic. Once the dissertation or research project is complete, the student will present the results before the dissertation committee and colleagues. DOC 866 (O): Doctoral Dissertation Project III – Original Research Execution
This Doctoral Dissertation check point ensures project progress and targeted research. Presentation to the DBA Dissertation Committee will be required. (3cr)
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The committee decides whether or not, and under which conditions the DBA candidate is admitted to the present the final Defence of the DBA dissertation some months after the pre-Defence. The decisions of the committee are: (1) acceptation of the dissertation without revisions, (2) acceptation with minor revisions, (3) acceptation with major revisions, or (4) rejection. In case of rejection, and if the pre-Defence is the first one taking place, the committee will grant the candidate an extra year to complete the dissertation. This extra year implies a second dissertation pre-Defence. If a second dissertation pre-Defence leads to a rejection decision by the committee, the candidate will not be granted the possibility to defend the dissertation.

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DBA students, on the other hand, are less required to extend existing theory. Instead, their great contribution is rather the combination of research with concrete business problems. Their starting point, for example, may be a business problem from their companies and the DBA dissertation may generate a theoretical model that explains that specific problem and at the same time abstracts from it so that the model can be applied in other contexts as well. Hence, the DBA dissertation uses often a case-study approach rather than an empirical research approach.

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The final dissertation Defence is an oral presentation of the DBA dissertation in front of the Defence committee. The Defence committee is composed of at least three members including the dissertation advisor and at least one faculty member of Kedge Business School. The purpose of the Defence is (1) to demonstrate that the dissertation is commensurate with the standards for original research in management, (2) to demonstrate that the ethics and standards governing research in management have been followed.