Data analysis example 3: clauses

This study unit uses to demonstrate the use of Excel in the analysis of experimental data and its uncertainty. The Excel files used in the data analysis examples and videos can be downloaded here:
for analyses 1 and 2, and

Data analysis example 4: discourse

Data analysis examples: summary

Data Analysis Examples: Filters

Now, I have a couple of slightly easier examples to start with (one that I’ve even done more or less end-to-end in C++ and R before now), but I wanted to start with something venerable to demonstrate some interesting Haskell things before I really get into the meat of data analysis examples.

Stata Data Analysis Examples: Logistic Regression

A statistics textbook in electric form. It is an interactive textbook about data analysis. Complete collections of statistic formulas, data analysis charts and graphs, data analysis examples and distribution tables are provided there. You can use it as an online statistic manual.

Data analysis example 2: words
NCL data analysis example page. Demonstrates the use of Fourier Analysis.

Data Analysis Example C. in the third example of

Data Analysis Example Crosstabs /tables=prog by ses

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EDN 524 Module 11 Data Analysis examples

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