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Depending on the field, where the article was written, you might take various factors into consideration: article critique APA might be concentrated on estimation of relevance of statistical data, used in research, appropriateness of experimental methods and general clarity of author's statements. Either way, make sure to support your viewpoints with the appropriate and credible scientific sources: your critique article example has to be profound and properly grounded in order to present a valuable argument.


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A good critique article example should analyze and provide an interpretation of the text, not summarize or review it. It should examine the authors ideas and present fresh opinion with supporting evidence. Very importantly, mathematical and statistical representation of the data must not be provided unless the exact data is known by the writer.

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A critique is a formal analysis and evaluation of a text, production, or performance.

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When you write a journal critique, you give a qualified opinion of the article

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EXAMPLE – Audience: is the article appropriate to its audience?