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Theories of crime: this field enjoys very much popularity nowadays, since it is the key to solving major social problems. In case the roots and underlying reasons for crimes are identified, it will be easier to eradicate crimes. Hence, one can dwell on the social structure theories of crime (social disorganization, social ecology, strain theory, subcultural theory, or control theory), symbolic interactionism, or individual theories such as the trait theory or rational choice theory.

Criminology’s connection with other related disciplines: criminology is closely connected with such areas of social research as sociology, psychology, systems analysis, and decision theory. One can research the present field by visiting the site of an influential journal Criminology by following the link . Here one can find many recent topics concerning criminology research and practice, thus acquiring a plenty of ideas for essays in criminology.

Crime prevention methods: Some methods to cover in a criminology essay are implementing and monitoring a national action plan to deal with prevention of violence, supporting researches on causes, effects, costs and prevention of crimes, strengthening responses for victims of violence, promoting gender and social equality, etc.
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Criminology essays deal with violation of laws and rules that govern societies. When writing a criminology essay, issues like why people become criminals, such as peer pressure, mental problems or illnesses, poor parenting skills are discussed.

There are many theories discussing the roots of crimes, and many debates regarding punishment for crimes such as abolition of death penalty in the majority of countries, the criminal responsibility of mentally retarded people and juvenile delinquents, etc., are raised in essays about criminology.

Hence, one can be lost in the multitude of ideas for an essay in criminology, which ultimately impedes on the quality of writing. We are trying to help students find their way in the world of criminology, so this article will provide students with some ideas helpful in generating criminology essay ideas.

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Many students are facing the problem to gain sufficient knowledge and information on the subject of criminology. When it comes to provide a good criminology essay on a particular subject of law, the law students are unable to find quality information on the particular subject. Moreover, students find it difficult to sit for long hours searching for the content in the books available in the library.

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Criminology essay is one of those rare writing activities that will be carried out by law students. Just like writing the law essay, this type of essay will require you to walk into various sources of information as well as various legal jurisdictions. Ahead of writing this essay, you must come up with a starting point for your essay. Decide a topic for your essay. In most cases, you will be given a topic to write this essay. This is very true if this type of writing is going to be carried out as a form of class or timed writing. However, if you have to choose a topic for this essay, make sure that your topic is such that you are going to scout enough materials for the topic.