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WILLIAM NIX is the Chairman of the Creative Projects Group, LLC (CPG) and also serves as on the Board of Directors of the Creative Projects Foundation (CPF). These two entities work actively to promote the development of individual and organizational creative capacities, to resolve creative differences and to manage and directly produce motion picture, television, music, interactive videogames, live entertainment and multimedia installations and events.

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Mark Heninger has a rare blend of technical, marketing and business acumen. Those strengths allow him to understand crucial technical processes and translate these technical concepts into profitable Internet business models. His years of experience with the development of entertainment technologies is why companies, including the Creative Projects Group, seek his experience on projects in order to properly monetize existing and emerging markets. He has consistently crafted dynamic distribution, marketing and advertising strategies for film, television, music, and corporate branding.

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William Nix is Chairman of the Creative Projects Group, a Producer and an investment banker with extensive experience in corporate formation, operations and business affairs, as well as an attorney experienced in complex negotiations, litigation and dispute resolution in the entertainment, media, sports, intellectual property and creativity fields. Will served as Co-Chair of Baker Botts LLP's Entertainment, Media and Sports Practice Group, as VP of Legal and Business Affairs for NBA Properties and as COO of the network of nearly 2,000 employees and representatives of the Motion Picture Association of America's global Content Protection Group. He has worked closely with Internet/Software businesses as a strategist and operational advisor for many years. He is Executive Producer of the 2015 animated feature film release, produced by Salma Hayek, based on Kahlil Gibran's iconic work The Prophet and the Producer of numerous other feature film and television productions. His work involves both traditional media and multiple content delivery platforms and technologies. Having worked with both major studios and independents for several decades, including most recently Participant Media, he and his colleagues develop and produce innovative new content for global audiences to experience.

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Creative Projects Group and Related Production Projects: The Gibran Projects.

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Creative Projects Group offers comprehensive services related to productions in film, theater, television, music, and publishing, including management and agency contracts, financing, corporate structures, licensing, merchandising and other entertainment, media and sports agreements. We also manage business, philanthropy and finance for individuals and companies. Through our strategic relationships with Avalon Group Ltd., Avalon Securities, Ltd. (a registered Broker-Dealer and Member of FINRA/SIPC), and AvalonNetWorth (Avalon) we raise capital for a wide variety of ventures. Eric Philo, an Avalon Managing Director of Media, Entertainment & Technology Investment Banking, serves on the Creative Projects Group (CPG) Board of Advisors. William Nix, Chairman of CPG, also serves as a Senior Advisor of Media, Entertainment & Technology Investment Banking, at Avalon..

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William Nix is the Chairman of the Creative Projects Group, which operates as an incubator for the development and production of motion pictures, television programs, music, interactive videogames, live entertainment, multimedia installations and events. He is the Producer of Gibran, the biographical dramatic feature film based on the life and work of Kahlil Gibran. The film is currently in pre-production development. He is Executive Producer of a "globally collaborative" animated feature film entitled Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet, which is currently in its theatrical release in the United State and internationally. He is also the Executive Producer of a multi-city art North American art exhibition tour of Gibran's collected works and an accompanying art book, which is slated to be curated and released by the prestigious Skira Rizzoli publishing house.

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Creative Projects Group, LLC (CPG) and Avalon Group Ltd. (Avalon) announced the formation of a strategic alliance with one another. As part of this new alliance, William Nix, Chairman of CPG, has become a Senior Advisor of Media, Entertainment & Technology Investment Banking at Avalon.