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Working in teams, the advanced students covered seven math categories-wholenumbers, decimals, fractions, measurement, geometry, graphs, andpercents. Each team selected a theme and pattern for its game,began construction, and, after instruction in photography, wentout into the community to find photographic subjects that wouldlend themselves to consumer math problems. They then wrote andsolved math problems related to the photos. When the games werecompleted, the advanced students demonstrated how the games wereplayed for the developmental students, who had already studiedthe concepts in class. The developmental students became so enthusiasticas a result of the games that they went on to write and solvetheir own math problems on the basis of newspaper photos and items.

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- In the 1940s, the "Life Adjustment Movement" emerged, and programs focused on practical consumer math problems rather than algebra, geometry or trigonometry. But such programs were criticized for lack of academic content, and by the late 1940s developments in radar and atomic energy underscored the importance of math.

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Make them pay a $100 fine and the problems disappear.

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They develop the essential skills of budgeting, solving consumer math problems, using money and financial resources

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