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The Bonner Scholar Program seeks to transform the lives of students at twenty-five specific colleges and universities as well as their campuses, local communities, and nation through providing access to education and opportunities to serve. To achieve this mission, the Bonner Foundation provides four-year community service scholarships to approximately 1500 students (who are referred to as Bonner Scholars) annually. The scholarship serves those individuals who have high financial need and a commitment to service. It is designed to heighten the overall education a Scholar receives by asking students to engage in ongoing service work and helping them develop the tools and the knowledge necessary to make that work meaningful and lasting.

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The Community Service Scholarship attracts a wide array of students and comprises a strong representation of the missions of both DePaul and the Steans Center. All Scholars are working toward a goal of social justice while transcending differences of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, politics, citizenship status, and career goals.

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Submission of a completed community service scholarship application and recommendation. (Application forms are available through the admission office)

To apply for the Community Service Scholars Scholarship, the Sam H. Jones Community Service Common Application needs to be completed online.
General Information
Community Service Scholarships are partial to full scholarships offered to incoming freshmen who apply for the scholarship in a timely fashion and are selected by the Office of Undergraduate Admission based on academic credentials and a history of commitment to community service. About 30 Community Service Scholars are announced each year.Students may receive a Community Service Scholarship in combination with another Tulane merit scholarship if a specific combination is announced on the Community Service Scholarship award letter from the Office of Undergraduate Admission (this is frequently the case), but the Community Service Scholarship may not be combined with Mayoral Scholarship, Legislative Scholarship, ROTC scholarship, Faculty-Staff Tuition Waiver or Tuition Exchange Scholarship. Students may combine the award with a need-based scholarship once all other scholarships are included in need analysis and/or Valedictorian Scholarship. Students found guilty of violations of the Code of Academic Conduct will forfeit all remaining portions of Community Service Scholarship that they have been offered.The Bonner Foundation provides four-year community servicescholarships of up to $4,000 a year to 1,500 students each year at . The Bonner Scholars, in turn, commit 10 hours per week to volunteerservice and participate in a summer community service internship.College Community Service Awards
Many colleges also offer community service scholarships for entering students. Some are one time scholarship awards, others continue all four years of college and may include a leadership or service component during college as well. Here are a couple of examples of the types of these types of awards:
Community service scholarships reward you for helping others. It’s a nice way of doing well by doing good.

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Volunteering in your community can lead to community service scholarships. When it comes to , community service helps to distinguish you from the competition by showing your commitment to making the world a better place. Scholarship providers, being philanthropists themselves, can appreciate students who show an early interest in helping those around them. , whether or not they are specifically labeled as community service scholarships, can be much easier with a bit of community service experience listed on your application or worked into your .

1. Complete all sections of the Community Service Scholarship application in the  above. ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED.

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Eligibility: New full-time incoming freshmen with an extensive service background and a demonstrated interest in future service may apply for the Community Service Scholarship. Candidates must commit themselves to the requirements of the scholarship outlined below.

If you volunteer and care about your community, you may qualify for community service scholarships

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With the mission of bringing access to higher education into every community nationwide, the AXA Foundation distributes up to 12 AXA Achievement Community Scholarships for $2,000 each to high school seniors who demonstrate strong ambition, determination, respect, academic achievement, and commitment to volunteer services. In addition, the program selects one outstanding student from each state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico to receive a one-time community service scholarship for $10,000.