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Eboni Johnson. English 1301. 4/25/2012. The Color Purple Film Essay. “Until you do right by me, everything you think about is gonna fail” – Celie from The Color Purple. The Color Purple was created in 1985 by Stephen Spielberg. The movie takes place in the Southern during the early 1900's....

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Four main symbols are used in this novel and must be discussed in the color purple essays:

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The color purple essay topics can be assigned to students at any level of education. There is a great chance that if you are not an ardent reader that this type of essay writing will cause you difficulty. You will be constantly asking questions like, what questions are addressed in the book. What is the best approach to write about them? What problems should be considered when writing color purple essay topic.

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You can start off by considering the structure of the book when choosing color purple essay topics. Like any other normal essay topic you need to make sure that your color purple essay topic has an introduction, body and conclusion.

Walters, Zara. Kissel, Adam ed.
The Color Purple essay can demonstrate how exploitation cannot subdue the free will of an individual. Celie, the protagonist, in the novel has been exploited all through her life. She does not find the courage to retaliate till calamity strikes several times. When she finally gains the courage to fight back, she realizes here true potential. Life for a black woman in the 1930s was very predictable. Three powerful women, totally different in nature, come into her lives at different times. The should show how Elie cannot get over her humiliation at the hands of the men in her lives including her own husband who only treats her like a commodity. Celie is uneducated but talented. The story is her journey through life and how she finds her way out of poverty to find her true place in society.The Color Purple EssayOne of the most widely known and false stereotypes is that women belong in the kitchen, and men are suppose to make the money. In The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, there are some main characters that prove this stereotype wrong. ... "I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don't notice it. " I believe a woman being inferior to a man is our society"s color purple. ...The third woman to enter her life is Shug, her husband’s mistress. It is here that the can highlight Celie’s inner strength. Shug takes a liking for Celie who helps her recover from illness. Shug is a woman of the world and is a singer. She helps Celie find her sisters letters which reveal Nettie is well and alive in Africa. Finally, Celie musters enough courage to escape. Her hard life has made Celie mentally very strong. She finally gets her chance to take control of her life. She learns the art of tailoring. The very father who abused her leaves her his inheritance. The Color Purple essay can end by showing how fate finally brings Nettie and Shug back into her life.Running head: THE COLOR PURPLE CRITICAL ESSAY. THE COLOR PURPLE CRITICAL ESSAY. The Color Purple Critical Essay. Ilona M. Reding. University of North Carolina Wilmington. In ...
You can choose from a range of problems that you can highlight when attempting the color purple essay topics:

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The novel made extensive and intelligent use of symbolism throughout the story, therefore writing the color purple essays can be a complex task. Students often use for writing such demanding assignments as the color purple .

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Here you can talk about Celia who struggles for survival in a world of injustice towards her race. You can talk about the psychological state that she is in when you write your color purple essay topic.

The color Purple essays are not very easy to write. Following points must be considered while writing a Color Purple Essay

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Celie is first abused at the tender age of 14 years by a man who she believes is her father. She conceives a child along with her mother at the same time. Her father sells her child, and she is then forced to marry an elderly man with four children. She cleans, sweeps, cooks, and looks after his children. Celie’s younger sister Nettie is the exact opposite of her. She hates being dominated. When Celie’s husband cannot get his way with her, she is forced to leave the house. Celie’s instinct and protective nature presents Nettie an opportunity to escape and join a local pastor. The Color Purple essay can show how Celie reacts when the first woman to influence her positively makes the decision to leave. Celie does not receive any letters at all from Nettie.