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One of the most effective strategies for ensuring long-term success on the job site is to assign a job coach to work side-by-side with the new employee, easing the transition to a new work environment. The job coach’s role is to assist the newly hired client with learning the requisite job tasks, while simultaneously ensuring the employer’s expectations for productivity are met. The coach remains at the job site until the client is assured that he or she can, in fact do the job, and do it well.

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The Telephone Coaching Service is available by phone or by Skype, by appointment only, and is available in English or in Spanish. Coaching sessions can be scheduled during the Gerson Institute’s office hours on weekdays from 9 am – 12 pm, 1 pm – 5pm, US-Pacific Time.

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IMPORTANT: Please review the Contraindications and Cautions for the Gerson Therapy before submitting your application to determine if your condition might be treatable with the Gerson Therapy and therefore suitable for the Coaching Service.

Job coaching services as described above may be conducted on a time-limited basis (up to 50 hours) under Post Employment Services.
College Coaching Services utilizes a blended learning model– specifically, we combine in-person meetings, teleconferences, and Skype meetings to support various learning styles. Moreover, as many high school students are extremely comfortable with online and off-line technologies, we strive to meet our students where they are, and assist them with their college admissions process in the most convenient way possible. When job coaching is provided in support of OJT, this factor should be considered in negotiating employer contribution. It is anticipated that provision of job coaching services will result in a shorter period of OJT or a greater employer contribution early in the training period. We work with students' goals and interests to develop criteria for successful college applications, create timelines, and research the wide variety of university requirements. College Coaching Services essentially breaks down the application process into manageable steps, reducing stress for students and parents.
The college application process is filled with an array of paperwork, choices, and opportunities. This time consuming and necessary route to the university, although very rewarding, can also be extremely stressful.
College Coaching Services is here to take the anxiety out of the equation.The NYSCB counselor is responsible for monitoring the provision and adequacy of the job coaching services. To accomplish this, the counselor should have direct contact with the consumer, job coach and employer.
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If you are interested in a service you are not alone. Bettering your life is a great thing to do, no matter what it takes, and this is something that you share with many others. That being said, you need to know which life coaching services are available, how they can help you, and whether or not you are truly interested in moving forward. There are many life coaching services out there, and every one of them is unique. If you take the time to learn the pros and cons of several life coaching services when it comes time to make a choice you should not have any problems.

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College Coaching Services is a comprehensive package designed to individually assist high school, college transfer and graduate students with their college research, preparation and application process. Curriculum meets each student's unique needs, and effectively guides students to develop top quality applications, while defining a desired college experience. The package includes assistance in many areas – about our services..

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A qualified coach has the skills and expertise to enable people to recognise and achieve their full potential. Herts for Learning’s Coaching Services have been designed in response to requests from leaders in schools and settings interested in developing and sustaining performance.