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These grading standards describe the typical characteristics of an essay at each grade level. Of course, some essays will not fit neatly into one grade category. Some essays, for example, may have a few strengths typically found in A papers but other characteristics more common to C papers. The final grade an essay receives will depend on the weight the instructor gives each criterion, how well the essay fulfills the requirements of the assignment, and whether the essay was turned in by the date due.

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Automatic essay scoring system is a very important research tool for many educational studies. Many researches indicate that AES systems should be able to analyze semantic characteristics of an essay and include more such features to score essays. This paper makes an assumption: some concepts that can be regarded as literary concepts would only be utilized by skillful writers. However, it is a difficult task to extract literal concepts due to small size of training corpora. This work uses a semantic network tool to overcome the problem. The concepts in essays can be transformed into sememes using the tool and literary concepts are also transformed into literary sememes. This work introduces a method which makes use of the literary sememes in an essay to score the essay. Experimental results show that the accuracy of the proposed method for Chinese essays is comparable to those as achieved by several current English AES systems.

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Not that you want to copy bad characteristics of an essay but it can be handy to see where somebody goes wrong and to know why they went wrong. The benefit being that you then avoid making those mistakes when it comes to writing your own essays.

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your main argument, supporting your main idea with reasons and evidence. In this section, we shall discuss three essential characteristics of an essay's body:.

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