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By the conclusion of Candide's journey, Candide isn't a philosopher of either optimism or pessimism. ... After Candide departed from El Dorado, he traveled to Suriname. ... Mark's Square, Candide notices a familiar face. ... It is Candide who acknowledges Martin as having the valid view. ... Voltaire's satire was referenced when Candide witnessed examples of optimism and pessimism throughout Lisbon, El Dorado, Suriname, and Venice. ...

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of satire thatmakes fun of the way people in medievil times thought. The book is about aman, Candide, and his misfortunes. Throughout the book Candide hascountless things go wrong in order to show that this is not "the best ofall possible worlds" Voltaire is trying to make a point through theexaggeration of the inhumanities of man in a humorous way...

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Candide Essay Toward the beginning of the 18th century, a new ideology began to take hold of Europe

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