At one point during your studious student life, you will need to write a book review for an assignment or a project. Some people may wonder, what is a book review? A literary book review is not the same as the book reviews that you often see on the internet as these are more critical as compared with the latter. A literary book review often focuses on the purpose, content as well as the authority of the book. The question now is how to write a book review that is actually good? There are a few book review example worth looking at and this should be your first step before you start writing your review.


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Now that you know what a good book review format should look like, it’s time to take a look at some book review examples. They might deviate a bit from the above mentioned steps but overall, they capture the essence of a book review perfectly.

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As discussed in our article explaining , book reviews are very different from book reports. In order to illustrate what a book review is, we have provided a book review example for your reference. I have included abook review for illustration purposes. In my first attempt to do a criticalbook review I examined a number of critical book reviews in history in searchofthe common elements. Examining thework of others can provide invaluable information. I would recommend that youread a number of book reviews if you are uncomfortable about writing. I thinkthe following book review is a good example of a critical book review inhistory. The entire review is less than two pages, approximately 650 words,that also fits the criteria for most upper level assignments. This book review example illustrates another important question to be addressed in the review: how does the work compare to others similar to it? Does the book contribute to a particular field or genre, or does the book lack in quality compared to the works of other writers?Synthesizing, now called “creating” on Bloom’s Taxonomy, is considered to be one of the highest order thinking skill because it involves all the other thinking kills and the creation of something entirely new. So let’s follow our book review example a bit and see how this works. Below, each step corresponds to one of the bullets above.

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book review template is a book review sample that shows book review format, book review layout and book review outline in the book review example.


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book review template is a book review sample that shows the process of designing book review form. A well designed book review example can help business or people to design book review document with efficiency.