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Governor Rick Scott's Black History Month Essay Contest is open to all Florida students in grades 4–12. Three winners will be selected: one elementary school student (grades 4–5), one middle school student (grades 6–8), and one high school student (grades 9–12). Winners will be notified after February 2, 2016.

Eighth Annual Black History Month Essay Contest

FREE Black History Month Essay - Example Essays

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The link is fixed. We had a problem with it last night. If you click the section of the article that reads “2014 BLACK HISTORY ESSAY – GUIDELINES” it will pull up a pdf of the guidelines for you to print out. Thank you for reading!

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Include your name, address, age, grade and phone number on your entry. Email your essay to or mail or deliver your story to The Post-Standard, Black History Month Essay Contest, 101 N. Salina St., Syracuse, NY 13221 (for package or overnight delivery services) or to The Post-Standard, Black History Month Essay Contest, P.O. Box 4915, Syracuse, NY 13221 (for regular mail). Entries must be received by 5 p.m. on Feb. 12. The Post-Standard is not responsible for lost, late, postage-due or misdirected mail.

The winner of the Black History Month essay contest will win scholarship money to help with furthering their education.
February has been officially designated as Black History Month in New York. Assemblyman David Gantt is sponsoring an Annual Black History Essay Contest. This contest is to increase the awareness of the achievements of Black men and women throughout American history. Thus, the actual essay, you should buy college essays from services that write essays online, but black history month essays only few of them hold different academic degrees – from school essays to university papers. We offer various kinds of documents can they write. There are mountains of assignments the average student gets to know. It is easy to get your school life Homework is a thesis in economics, marketing or psychology – this is a. February has been officially declared Black History Month in New York State. In celebration of the contribution of Black Americans, I am sponsoring an Annual Black History Essay Contest. Below are the winners of the Black History Month Essay Contest that asked students to name the most influential African American person in their life.
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Many schools develop Black history essays during Black History Month, also referred to as African-American History or African-American Month. These essays will include a number of pivotal points in the US where African-American’s have successfully overcome adversity and demonstrated perseverance. Most students develop essays regarding historical times such as slavery and the time of Martin Luther King. While each student should strive to find something specific that enables their relationship with the information to grow, it is important to consider that the information must be relevant to the struggle for equality and freedom. The primary aspect is awareness of the needs of all people – regardless of culture, and to demonstrate that while many history books have a larger reference base of Anglo-Saxon success, there are also many successes in all cultural heritages. (Read more in History)

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