"Biology Lab Report: Genetic Exchange in Prokaryotes"

This website is intended to be used as a resource for writing research style biology lab reports.
The guidelines given here are the same guidelines you will follow when you describe original research as a practising biologist. They are a combination of accepted practices for scientific report writing, and simple tips for clear writing.

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Gratz argues that the quality of biology lab reports can be improved by choosing models of scientific writing from professional journals for the students to analyze. He then allows students to peer review their classmates’ lab reports. Based upon this review, the students are encouraged to revise their reports before submitting them. Gratz provides guidelines for the peer review with the understanding that it is his responsibility as a teacher to instruct the students on the principles of good, well-organized scientific writing.


The methods section is a critical component of a lab report or a published research study, as scientists must be able to reproduce each other’s work. Your methods section should be written in such a way that a classmate could reproduce your experiment based on the information provided. The methods section must be written in the past tense, using paragraphs rather than a list format. A separate list of materials is not included in biology lab reports; key materials are simply mentioned as they are used in the experimental setup and measurement procedures. Be sure to include the following information in the methods section:

This is a general guide for writing most basic biology laboratory reports

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Biology lab reports have a specific format that must be followed to present the experiment and findings in an organized manner. Once you learn the main components of the lab report and what they should include, you will find it isn't too difficult to actual write the report. Specific instructors may have unique criteria specific to their class, so be sure to check your course materials for formatting instructions before you submit your paper.