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Marine biology degree programs can be challenging and require a significant amount of hands-on training in the field. However, a career as a marine biologist can be very rewarding and many people working towards their marine biology degree complete at least a graduate degree program in order to work in the fields of research, on conservation projects, or to work at sea. Marine biology degree programs can prepare you for an exciting career as a marine biologist, ocean scientists or researcher, and you may be able to complete a portion of your marine biology degree online.

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While there aren't any complete online marine biologist degree programs available, it is possible to take some of marine biologist courses online. It's not possible to complete an entire marine biology degree online, but it is possible to fulfill some general education requirements and complete some specialized courses over the Web. These courses are typically set up in a virtual classroom setting and give students a chance to work through Web-based tutorials, attend online lectures, participate in discussion groups, complete simulations and also complete tests and exams over the Web.

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