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Librarians and scholars who are concerned with managing digital resources and preserving them for future use will find a crash course on the subject in this bibliography. This bibliography covers books, journal articles, and technical reports published in English, with most of the resources published since 2000. The eleven chapters cover general works introducing the subject to more practical topics such as models, policies, and metadata. This book is recommended for librarians working with original digital resources, scholars interested in digital repositories, and students in the field.

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Bourgeois democratic tendencies were also gieatly developed in bibliography, in the works of K. N. Derunov, including (1906, 1908–11), and in the first works of I. V. Vladislavlev—the series (1911–17) and bibliographical yearbooks for 1911–14. The most important representative of this tendency was N. A. Rubakin, the author of the significant bibliographical (2nd ed., 1911–15). In conjunction with the publication of the second volume of this work, V. I. Lenin published a review in which, after noting that such a type of publication was of enormous interest, he criticized its compiler for eclecticism and for a concealed polemic against socialism (see 5th ed., vol. 25, pp. 111–14).

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