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Medical, nursing, and other allied health professional education institutions are expected by national accrediting bodies and associations to emphasize not only basic science and clinical knowledge and skills in the curriculum, but also research and scholarship. It is assumed that students entering the profession already know how to conduct and submit research for presentation and publication. Teaching of research methods usually takes the form of a research component or track within the curriculum, Capstone or scholarly concentration project, or dissertation or thesis. However, the practical skills of publishing including authorship responsibilities, writing abstracts and manuscripts, and peer review is often learned on the fly rather than formally taught as part of the curriculum. This experiential educational intervention teaches best practices in writing and peer reviewing scientific abstracts and affords students the opportunity to practice drafting and evaluating abstracts on their own research projects.

Below is a video on best practices in writing a meeting abstract.

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This presentation, given at the Center for Instructional Excellence (CIE) Series II: Expanding Your Teaching Toolkit, offers instructors information on understanding and accommodating the ESL writers in their classrooms. Material is presented on the language abilities of the writers, on the ways in which cultural differences may be manifested in the writing itself, and on the types of accommodations that can be made in writing assignments and assessments. The talk includes information on best practices in writing for all writers and a bibliography of resources about L2 writers.

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