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Accredited online degree programs, backed by a university that's been around since 1872. UT Online offers 100% online degrees at the bachelor's, graduate, associate, and certificate levels. Every student receives personal support from a department dedicated to online students.

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Online learning at Arapahoe Community College is a great way to receive a world-class education while doing so on your schedule and within your budget. Students with busy lives need a little flexibility, and with more than 200 courses to choose from, ACC’s online classes provide just that. As long as you are connected to the Internet, you can advance your education with accredited online degree programs. Online summer classes are a perfect introduction to the world of online learning.

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Your education is an investment — in yourself and in your future. It's important to find out what role online degree program accreditation plays in your field, since it may affect your professional future, as well as the quality of your online education. Obtaining an isn't going to be of much use if you can't use that master's degree within the field because it doesn't come from an accredited program. Finding good, accredited online degree programs is a promising way to ensure the best course for your future.

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The purpose of this article is to highlight the best of the cheapest accredited online degree completion programs. All of the programs in our list are offered by schools that charge under $10,000 per year in tuition. Most of the schools on this list charge significantly less. Since the list is comprised entirely of the most affordable schools available, our ranking system is based on the projected ease with which students will be able to complete their degree.As a Christian university offering online degree programs, we are committed to encouraging a love of God and a love of learning. Ouachita Baptist University strives to create new opportunities on campus and throughout the world to deliver quality education for students from diverse backgrounds. With the addition of regionally accredited online degree programs, Ouachita is seeking to extend its reach to meet the needs of adults previously unable to earn a traditional degree on campus.Ouachita Baptist University is excited to offer accredited online degree programs in and for adult learners seeking to continue their education. With OBU’s online programs, busy adults like you can now take online courses to earn a degree on your own time. Ouachita Online can provide you with a college home where you feel supported and encouraged both spiritually and academically by your professors, as well as your classmates. We invite you to discover the online difference at Ouachita.No. Accredited online degree programs carry the same accreditation as in-person programs, which mean they have similar, if not identical, academic requirements and expectations. Some online courses can be even more rigorous than their classroom-based counterparts due to the time management and self-discipline involved. It’s easy to stay on top of things when you have a professor in front of you, reminding you of upcoming deadlines and assignments or calling on you to participate in classroom discussions. Distance learners may need to be more proactive and take initiative in order to keep up and get things done.
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There are two basic types of accreditation: institutional and specialized.

Institutional accreditation is awarded by one of 6 regional accrediting agencies and many national agencies, such as the Distance Education and Training Council. The regional agencies play the largest role in institutional accreditation. If an or university is regionally accredited, that means that the institution as a whole has met the agency's standards. Within the institution, particular programs and departments contribute to the institution's objectives at varying levels of quality. Institutional accreditation is often the type of accreditation that applies to overall providers of accredited online degree programs.

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This is a common misperception. And one exacerbated, in part, by the prevalence of search engines and the help they potentially provide. In reality, you can’t just “Google” your way to test answers or a degree. There is just as much oversight in the virtual classroom as in the regular one. Rigorous standards, such as proctored exams, ensure you’ll earn your grade through hard-earned knowledge and skill. Also, with accredited online degree programs, the coursework is equally challenging regardless of whether classes are taken online or offline, as both modalities are held to the exact same educational standards. As in the classroom, the level of difficulty for each online class depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the content being taught and the professor who’s teaching it.

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Online degree program accreditation also has financial implications. If you attend an accredited online degree program, you may qualify for federal loans and grants because regional institutions earning online degree program accreditation are eligible to participate in Title IV financial aid programs.