50 Places to Find Academic Sources for Your Essay

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Some academic sources may be scholarly, but not peer-reviewed.

Academic sources will generally be found on .gov or .edu sites on the web.

The most common forms of academic source are

Academic writing is not confined to journals. Non-textbook academic sources such as monographs and books of edited readings can contribute to the development of your ideas and some research literature is openly available on the internet. Applying evaluation measures will enable you to recognise acceptable sources.

To identify an academic source, apply the criteria listed above:

So, your professor told you that you can't use the Internet to find sources for your paper. Instead, you have to use "Scholarly Journals" and other academic resources. What does that mean?

Hopefully, you’ll have no problem accessing academic sources you need.
Your professors will generally ask that you use scholarly sources in your research assignments. Sometimes this means using articles from peer-reviewed journals, other times it will be be your responsibility to decide if the information is coming from reputable academic sources. We’ll cover both scenarios here.I guess, not many students enjoy writing academic essays. In contrast to other academic papers like term papers or research papers, essays usually do not require doing that much of research, looking through great amounts of academic sources and selecting the related info, analyzing and processing it, etc. Academic essays do not require writing so many pages, but they require stating your own position or viewpoint toward the topic, as well as using interesting, persuasive writing style in order to make the readers accept the author’s point of view. There is a good number of academic essay types, including pros and cons essays, argumentative essays, 5 paragraph essays, etc., and this small article is about another less common type of academic essay, a reflective essay. Academic research is an important part of working on any kind of academic paper, whether it is a simple academic essay, or a dissertation. Looking through academic sources and learning various info related to the topic of the academic paper is a key factor to picking up valuable content and writing a successful academic paper. Despite that fact that writing a certain type of academic papers (like reviews, opinion paper, etc.) may seem not to include doing a research and working with outside academic sources, it can be a mistake to omit this step. Using outside academic sources is a way to find addition opinions and viewpoints which can help the author to form own opinion and perception of the topic.Many students begin their research using Wikipedia. Although Wikipedia may be useful in providing a general overview of a topic—helping you to get your bearings, be certain of facts, or define some basic terms—it is not scholarly. You will need to find academic sources for your research, since the scholarly conversation is not taking place on Wikipedia.
Use this template to help you analyse and make meaningful notes on an academic journal article, or another academic source.

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So, your professor told you that you can't use the Internet to find sources for your paper. Instead, you have to use "Scholarly Journals" and other academic resources. What does that mean?

Academic sources are

Academic Sources: Search Engines and Individual Publishers

Of course, the best resources within the Library are librarians themselves. The librarians are here to help you navigate scholarly databases and the network of academic resources. Many of your professors will invite a librarian to class to discuss finding and evaluating resources for your papers. Be sure to take advantage of the help you are offered. When in doubt, do not hesitate to ask a librarian or, of course, your professor.

whats an academic source?

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In researching for essays and other academic assignment tasks, you will usually be looking for relevant information in academic sources. This section explains what an academic source is, and how to identify one, as well as the related concept of peer review.