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Dave Tomar, author of the Shadow Scholar: How I Made A Living Helping College Kids Cheat, offers an inside peek into how . Tomar has been an academic ghostwriter for most of the past decade. He would create papers, presentations, PhD dissertations, case studies and other forms of academic work for his Master’s and Bachelor’s clients.

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Our ghostwriters are experienced in giving the paper the voice of the client. Our ghostwriters understand your ideas and concepts getting to know you though speaking one on one so they can convey your voice on paper. This is a beneficial skill to have and a bonus to our academic papers ghostwriting services.

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Our academic papers ghostwriters understand your need of urgency. We can provide you with the documents you need by the deadline without compromising any quality content. Additionally, our academic papers ghostwriting service can still paint your voice across the paper giving you the results you desire without compromising deadlines.

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We can even ghost-write your Academic Paper or your Dissertation for you using our specialist academic ghostwritersAcademic ghostwriting is legal, but not ethical or in keeping with the standards or practices of most schools. That is easy to answer. What is harder is, is it ethical, legal or in keeping with the practices of schools to have an editor "proof" a paper, or "tweak" or make/suggest changes to the paper to make it better? At what point does "editing" become "ghostwriting," and is reading a dissertation to ensure sources are properly cited, noted, referenced or that passages are used appropriately unethical?I recently learned of the concept of academic ghostwriting (see, e.g. this ) - by which I mean the situation where a student goes to another person, or perhaps a service, and pays them to complete an assignment for them. In the linked article, the writer (a claimed ghostwriter) says that he has written thousands of pages of essays for students, or more accurately, for the students' money. The world of academia contains some of the most intelligent people in the world. Within a given university, you can find authorities in fields such as science, economics, politics, history, etc. The professors and researchers employed in these arenas have much to offer the world in terms on knowledge and experience within their respective fields. However, not all of these experts are as well versed in the art of the written word. That is where an academic ghostwriter comes into play.
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The autobiography of academic ghostwriter David Tomar is meant to question what the value of a college education actually is. Tomar claims that he is like many students who feel betrayed after going to school only to find that they are surrounded by students who only care about receiving grades for classes rather than actually learning. Tomar claims that he was driven away from education by students who do not care about learning.

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I would expect this type of work to constitute fraud, or perhaps qualify as some sort of assumed copyright or something. What is the actual legal status of academic ghostwriting?

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The idea of an academic ghostwriter isn’t to do the work of the person working in an academic field. Rather, the idea is to complement their work by using developed writing skills to present information is a logical and well organized fashion. Academics who employ the services of a ghostwriter should be sure that the writer they hire has a level of expertise high enough to write eloquently on a complex topic. If the writer is not up to the task, the time spent in revision will negate any benefit of hiring the writer in the first place. Academic ghostwriting can be a useful and powerful tool, but only when put to use in the proper fashion, and with a qualified and capable writer.